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Refer qualified borrowers to BizCapital and earn referral fees.

BizCapital works with businesses that are unable to obtain financing from conventional sources, providing loans that are competitively priced, favorably structured, and sufficient to address borrower needs. These borrowers often turn to intermediaries for assistance in locating alternative financing solutions. BizCapital collaborates with these intermediaries to provide financing solutions that are tailored to each business’ situation, while helping the intermediary to accomplish important goals. For example, we regularly receive referrals from:

Providing businesses with creative sources of financing may make the difference in convincing a company to locate in your community.
BizCapital is a non-depository financial institution. We work with banks that want to maintain parts of a company’s banking relationship, but cannot provide the financing structured in a way that meets their borrower’s needs.
Providing a prospective buyer of a business with access to a lender that can meet all the borrower’s financing needs can be the difference in reaching an agreement that meets a seller’s requirements.
Small businesses frequently rely upon accountants for financial reporting and structuring advice. Accountants can provide extra value to their clients by referring them to a loan provider that best meets their needs.
Occasionally a CDC will find that a bank that was originally interested in participating in an approved SBA 504 loan is unable or unwilling to move forward. Sometimes that occurs because some aspect of the loan no longer conforms to a bank’s loan policy (special use asset, adverse credit history, etc.)
BizCapital specializes in lending to businesses located in low-income census tracts. Occasionally commercial real estate brokers may find that potential buyers cannot obtain sufficient financing to acquire these buildings because local banks require more substantial down payment amounts.
Aspiring entrepreneurs come to SBDCs looking for advice and guidance to support their growth. Conventional lenders have difficulty meeting the financing needs of these companies because of their lack of track record. BizCapital can provide this financing.
Export financing options are plentiful, but it is difficult to find one lender that meets all of a borrower’s needs. BizCapital provides borrowers with permanent working capital with more flexible terms (higher LTV, longer amortizations).